Hello, I am Trent Conn, a dedicated professional in the field of social assistance in house construction and government discounts for building. I currently reside in the charming city of Edmonton, Canada, where I actively contribute to the community through my website and blog, EveryonesCanada.ca. My passion lies in providing valuable information and insights on various topics related to social support in house construction, government incentives for building, and diverse subjects in the construction industry.

Early Life and Education

I was born and raised in Edmonton, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Canada. From a young age, I developed a keen interest in architecture, construction, and how these fields could positively impact society. This fascination led me to pursue higher education in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning at a renowned university in Canada. During my academic journey, I delved deep into the intricacies of construction practices and the potential for social assistance programs to enhance housing opportunities for individuals and families.

Trent Conn

Professional Journey

After completing my education, I embarked on a fulfilling career that has allowed me to make a difference in people’s lives. I joined a local construction firm, where I gained practical experience in various construction projects and became well-versed in the intricacies of the industry. Throughout my career, I observed the significance of government incentives in promoting affordable housing and how they could alleviate financial burdens for aspiring homeowners.

Founding EveryonesCanada.ca

Motivated by the desire to share knowledge and contribute to the community, I founded EveryonesCanada.ca, a website and blog dedicated to offering valuable insights on social assistance in house construction, government discounts for building, and diverse construction-related topics. Through this platform, I aim to empower individuals with the information they need to take advantage of available resources and support to fulfill their dreams of owning a home.

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Mission and Vision

My mission is to be a reliable source of information, bridging the gap between aspiring homeowners and government assistance programs. I envision a future where every individual in Canada has access to the necessary resources and information to achieve their dream of owning a home. Through EveryonesCanada.ca, I strive to create a community that fosters knowledge sharing, empowerment, and sustainable housing solutions.

Community Involvement

In addition to running EveryonesCanada.ca, I actively engage with local community organizations and initiatives that promote affordable housing and social welfare in construction projects. I participate in workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements to advocate for the importance of social assistance in construction and its positive impact on society.


As a dedicated professional in the field of social assistance in house construction and government discounts for building, I am committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families seeking affordable housing solutions. Through EveryonesCanada.ca and my various endeavors, I hope to inspire positive change and contribute to the betterment of society, one construction project at a time.